Attraction Beyond Conformity

A video learning course to reveal your authentic attraction through embodied practice, and make your bedroom and your life, a more delightful place.

For all genders and sexualities.

More great sex?

Attraction is the gateway to love. So many of us long for more connection, and beauty brings life, delight and intimacy… but many of us have become disillusioned with the superficial way consumer-culture twists beauty.

If like me you’re tired of the demands to conform to unhealthy shallow standards of attraction, but love real beauty, and love being gorgeous, read on.

Beauty Black Belt is for anyone who’d like to reveal their awesome authentic attractiveness, in their own way, from the inside out.

I’d argue that we’re all beautiful

But some are more in touch with this and some have forgotten it. Also, the characteristics that people consistently find attractive are not magic, but skills you can rediscover.

You’d like to develop greater attractiveness in the deepest sense… and let’s cut to it, who doesn’t want better connected sex with the right people?

Who doesn’t want more intimacy and passion with existing partners, or a wonderful new one?

Who doesn’t want to be part of the natural playful dance of beauty?

ACTUALLY we all know that the way beauty is presented in the media is bullshit…

Do you have a confident friend that people find gorgeous despite the fact they don’t look like a magazine model?

Do you know someone who turns heads with their charisma or with an open heart, no matter what they wear?

Have you met people with “shine”, “spark”, “radiance”, “presence”, “gravitas”, or any of the other words we give to people expressing fully their beauty?

Beauty Black Belt is for you if…

You’d like to develop greater attractiveness in the deepest sense… and let’s cut to it, who doesn’t want better connected sex with the right people?

Who doesn’t want more intimacy and passion with existing partners?

Who doesn’t want to be part of the natural playful dance of beauty?

Black Belt
is for
you if…

You’d like to develop greater attractiveness in the deepest sense… and let’s cut to it, who doesn’t want better connected sex with the right people?

Who doesn’t want more intimacy and passion with existing partners?

Who doesn’t want to be part of the natural playful dance of beauty?

Attracting people with your values,
from your values

What is Beauty Black Belt?

Attracting people with your values, from your values, is an important and learnable skill. Beauty Black Belt will help you see the essence of what makes you beautiful more clearly, and give you practical embodied tools for expressing it more fully.

I’m known for the “embodied” approach, which comes from martial arts, dance, yoga, movement therapy and theatre; and stresses pragmatic application of ancient wisdom, and that’s the essence of the course. There’s a reason people like yoga and martial arts teachers often look good, and it’s not just physical.

What I’ve done with Beauty Black Belt is to concentrate the skills from these arts that reveal our gorgeousness, and make them accessible to everyone – no athleticism required!  This course can be accessed at any time, so you can work at your own pace, in your own way. Introductory webinars are held regularly as well as more advanced options.

Just a little taster…

more great sex
Why beauty matters
How to find and express your unique beauty
On being a “masculine” woman
How to be ugly


Lifetime access to 8 hours of high quality video.

An ever-growing library of extra content.

A clear guide to embodied practice.

Lifetime access to an online community for practice and support. This is a major plus and I’ll be there most days ongoing to help you and make sure you get what you need.

Access to live webinars from myself, the lovely Daria and guest speakers.

Is this for me?

Whether you’re single and looking for a partner, whether you’re in a relationship and want to reinvigorate it, or whether you just love beauty, this course is for you if:


You’d like to be more attractive, deeply, in an authentic way.


You’re willing to do the embodied work that leads to lasting change.


You’re tired of personal development unicorn silliness and want something practical.


You’d like more heartfelt human connection, and understand real beauty is a gateway to that.


You have a sense of humour.


You’re ready to invest time and money in your attraction to someone amazing.


You’re sick of mainstream lies around beauty, and looking for another way.


You’re “sex-positive” and would like to have more/better sex and aren’t ashamed of this.


You’re no longer willing to hide your beauty.

I’d also like to acknowledge the vulnerability of this… if you engage fully with the course it won’t be easy, beauty is an edge for most of us, but it will be safe and respectful.

When I first started this work someone said I was too fat to teach about beauty, and I do get the pain involved in this area and respect you for considering the course. It takes courage and humility to acknowledge beauty is an area you’d like to work on.

This course is open to all genders, sexualities, ages, species and persuasions in general. Because we’re working on a deep level this content applies to everyone. 

Donald Trump has been banned though and I’ll ensure the community is a respectful and pleasant place for all.

What you can get from Beauty Black Belt:

What you can get from Beauty
Black Belt

If you have the courage to dive into the embodied practices of the course, here’s what you’ll get:

The essence is this is your authentic beauty fully revealed, and your attraction unleashed for happiness, wellbeing, relationships and for the good of the world. Specifically:


Greater confidence. This is always attractive and useful throughout life.


More sex with the right person/people (if desired).


Knowledge of what partners of all kinds (including work) may be most suitable for you.


More joy. Beauty brings joy.


More passionate, connected, intimate and generally better sex if you’re already getting some.


More confidence to ask for what you want and say no to what you don’t, in the bedroom and in life.


Better relationships of all kinds.


A way to develop greater compassion and integrity.


Work and friendship benefits, as this work also applied to connecting with your tribe.

If after booking on the course you take a look at the materials and decide it’s not going to be utterly awesome for you, I will refund you.

If at the end of course you’ve done the work and not got at least most benefits above I’ll give you your money back too.

I’ve never had to do that before and I don’t intend to start so I’ll be as determined as you to see you succeed and will support you in the online community.


Mark Walsh

I’ve run an embodiment training company for the last nine years, founded Embodied Yoga Principles, have a black-belt in aikido, host a YouTube channel with 10million hits, and have delivered embodied work in 30 countries, including in war zones, circuses, with activists, with 50,000 children, in big business and in the House of Lords. I love Daria and dinner.

Daria Walsh

I’m a psychologist, dancer, trained artist, witch, ex-model, polyglot interpreter and poker-playing bad-arse Ukranian. I’m the quiet one but don’t be fooled. I love Marky, goth music and kittens.

Who we are

Personal note from Mark

Since the beauty of my first-love opened near-mystical experiences for me as a teenager, I’ve known theres something profound going on with beauty. It’s always seemed to me that the play of beauty and attraction in nature is at the heart of things. I’ve also long been suspicious of how beauty is presented to us in the media and understand there’s a lot of pain around this subject for most of us. Like many people I rejected the mainstream approach to beauty and at university despite a rising interest in sex refused to play the conformist attraction game. Unfortunately though I threw the baby out with the bathwater. Many of the factors that I now know make people attractive deteriorated and in rejecting beauty I became addicted, depressed and life lost meaning for me. In this time I was lost and disconnected to myself, and despite being young and fit became very unappealing to women. In the most basic level I hardly had sex at university despite being surrounded by attractive young women and trying quite hard!

After university my interest in sex increased through exposure to death in various places. Working in areas of conflict for example, wakes you up to love, passion and life. What was interesting was that as I found my way in life and developed depth, as I tuned into my work in the world, and critically, as I became more embodied through intense aikido practice, low and behold, I became more attractive!


As part of the course there will be a number of international guest teachers who will offer different perspectives on Facebook live, offer further free resources and take questions on the FB group. These will be at different times of day and days of the week to suit people in different times and with varied lives. They will be recorded so all group members can have access and you can ask questions later.

The following guest speakers will likely be on in early 2017, and I will keep adding new people.

Adam Taffler

Comedian, Founder of Shhh Dating, gold nipple guru – will show us how humour is beautiful and why words are just a bonus

Alice Tangmo Jackson

Yoga teacher and body image speaker – will connect us to the pains and misuse of “beauty” so we can find out own way

Brooke McNamara

Dancer, poet, momma, monk – will show us how to bring beauty to all areas

Cloe Jackson

Creator of Dance you Naked Truth – will get us in touch with the wildness of being ourselves

Dane Tomas

Creator of The Integrated Man, Aussie personal growth hooligan – will show us how to clear our shit

Dylan Newcomb

Founder of Uzazu, ex professional dancer and choreographer – will show us how to embody yin and yang

Ekatarina Samotey

Tango teacher and manager of The Embodied facilitator Course Moscow – will teach us all what tango taught her about elegance

Jambo Truong

Big deal international yoga teacher – will help us recognise we’re already sexy enough

Jamie Catto

Ex-rock star (Faithless) and authour of Insanely Gifted – will show us how to unleash our insanely attractive selves


Buddhist and NonViolent Communication teacher and undefeated wrestler – will share conscious flirting and how to be yang but not an arsehole/kind but not a wimp

Miles Kessler

Aikido teacher, meditation teacher, middle-east peacebuilder – will teach us to embody the depths of polarity

Pearl Bates

 Artist, author and mystery – will teach us all how to be enigmatic artists 

Tessa Howell

Founder Wild Grace and 5Rhythms dance teacher – will show us all the power of yin and how to bring more pleasure and grace into life. Expect passion fruit.

Don’t believe me?

“Mark has supported me to develop the more confident fiery aspect of my character, which is helpful in my whole life.”

Ady Griffiths | Yoga teacher and web designer | Brighton, UK

“The training helped me to set clear boundaries with my partner, which has hugely improved our communication. I’ve also learned to how to read him better, so that I can give him what he needs more often.”

Charlee | Brighton

Mark has helped me to get more comfortable in my own skin in a way that has been recognized by my partner and friends. I have shown up with a different sort of assertiveness which has been helpful in my work and personal life. My ongoing practices help me to choose “who” I will be in a given circumstance to produce amazing results.

Joe | HR Manager | Texas, USA

“Thanks for fanning the flames of my purpose and passion, to keep me inspired and motivated.”

Karin van Maanen | Yoga and mindfulness teacher | Canterbury, UK

“I have attended a number of Mark’s trainings and regularly apply skills I have learnt. I have learned centering and grounding strategies that allow me to be more present to the needs of my wife and myself. I have worked on acquiring more fierceness through embodied practice, which stands me in good stead as a compassionate but robust woman, wife and leader.”

Chris Brown | Charity founder | Sussex, UK

“In 40 minutes Mark helped me to identify the one thing in my thinking that was blocking me from fully embracing my attractiveness and reframe it into something far sexier.  He also helped me create a deeper understanding of conscious relationships as well as reinforcing the importance of continued embodied practise.  Well worth the investment!”

Tabi Jayne | Nature-Centred Psychologist | Scotland

“Why not use the power of attraction rather than having to run after things all the time? Mark walks his talk and uses a practical and fun approach to help build personal magnetism – for more abundance in work and love and wherever you need it. Thank you, Mark, for your empowering work!”

Alexandra | Leadership facilitator | Barcelona, Spain

“Ever asked the question how do we attract love, people, business in to our lives? How do we reignite relationships, show up in a different way, find a new partner, in all senses of the word? Am I good enough, is there something wrong with me, what do others have that I do not? What is this magic? Turns out we all have it and it is available ‘on tap’ – via our bodies! No gimmicks, no quick fixes, no self help books! Who knew? Mark provides a fun, insightful, and experiential way of bringing out your true beauty! An invaluable and provocative way of being, to be used in all aspects of your life! Loved the ‘taster’ session we did – can not wait for more!!”

Paresh Kanani | Executive coach | London

“Am I attractive? It is such a fundamental question? i.e. am I attracting good partners, positive experiences, etc? And yet no one seems to be brave enough to stand in the centre of this hot topic – except Mark. I had the honour of attending one of his workshops. He is direct, clear, unapologetic and open about this subject. He offers a clear framework and simple exercises to explore a complicated subject. I have been applying my learnings ever since I left the workshop. Work with him if you can. It is fundamental.”

Peter Bailey | NGO trainer | London

“I have definitely become more confident and more radiant as a result of what I’ve learned from Mark.”

Madeleine Aguirre | Parents and youth worker | Scotland

“After I did a coaching session with Mark, three men asked me out on the short walk home.”

Pearl Bates | Author | Brighton, UK

“Embodied work with Mark has finally given me the skills to speak up for myself and ask for what I want in relationships.”

Charlie | Sussex, UK

“Modesty and age prevent me from saying that other people now find me more attractive. What I can say is that I’ve become more loving, more open and more physical.”

Stuart Harris | Writer | Bradford-on-Avon, UK

“In doable but exciting steps, and without devaluing who I am, Mark proved to me that interacting respectfully yet sexually with women is a learnable skill. Mark opened a window for choice, that I previously felt was closed.”

Anon | Tel Aviv, Israel

“After my work with Mark, I’m comfortable with working with myself on becoming truly attractive – both internally and externally!”

Shyaamlal | India

“Work with uncle Mark because he’s crazy. And fun. And holds me upside down and let’s me walk on him. And loves me.”

Jessica | Aged 5 and a half

What to do now

If you’d like to attract to someone amazing (without any bullshit) go for it.

If you’d like your bedroom to become a MUCH more delightful place, go for it.

If you’d like to splash beauty across the world for everyone’s benefit, just go for it already.

Is it cheap, no? We want everyone in the community to be committed, and I’m proud of the quality of what we’ve made. It is less than the price of a holiday or what you could spend on fancy shoes though, and will help you far more than these things. The difference enhanced beauty can make to your whole life is massive and goes well beyond more great sex, but that ain’t a bad start. Join us.



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